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Sophisticated and Reliable Wireless Networks for Business and Home

The wireless network has become ubiquitious in both business and residential settings.

These networks must reliable, high quality and secure.

Consider these factors:

Span multiple locations wirelessly

No dead spots or physical limitations

Independent of existing wireing or lack there of

Proper Security considerations

Long Range wireless links

Stability, reliability and value

Wireless solutions tailored to specific needs

DD-WRT is an open source firmware upgrade for residential and commercial grade wireless devices that allows improved functionality, flexibility and reliability.

Cisco Unified Communications: The state of the art in business communications and networking technology.


Nantucket Airport - CAS installed and maintains the public wireless network in the new terminal as well as a long range wireless bridge to a remote office.

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Computer Assistance Services on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts provides computer troubleshooting and small business computer networking services. We serve all areas of Nantucket and also provide services related to nantucket_wireless_networking.php, residential computer services, video surveillance, low voltage wiring, computer consulting and SONOS multi-zone audio installation and troubleshooting.

Wireless networking is important for both home and business users. Computer Assistance Services provides reliable Wireless networking services on Nantucket, MA. There should be a strong wireless signal in all rooms of the house. There should be no dead spots in the wireless signal.

Home computer users on Nantucket can experience many types of problems. Computer Assistance Services can provide computer troubleshooting and hardware repair. Many users have problems with computer viruses and spyware. We are experts in spyware removal and virus prevention.

Many small businesses rely on their computer systems. Offices rely on e-mail, word processing, document sharing, reservation systems and other important computer systems. Users want remote access to their computer systems, mobility is emphasized as is efficiency.

Computer users and businesses need to have reliable and efficient computer processes.