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Comparison of Various E-mail Systems:

This is a simple comparison of various e-mail systems available to small offices.

PDF file: Comparison in table format.

Microsoft Exchange: The exchange system is a mail server that is part of your local office network. Microsoft Exchange is available to be installed on a windows server or it also comes as a component of Small Business Server.

  • many choices for sharing information, all aspects of outlook are available to share, including tasks

  • part of a tight office network because Windows Small Business Server is windows server plus exchange server

  • very good integration with Iphone, blackberry less so  requires blackberry server for exchange

  • very good remote access for laptop and iphone

  • web interface: outlook web -  very good

Cost: High up front cost, but it is an investment in your office infrastructure. $1000 - $5000 and up plus setup cost. Also on-going maintenance.

Google Apps: A Mail server hosted by Google

  • relatively low cost of entry - can be a free service

  • all data and services are “in the cloud”

  • sync with smart phone for contacts and calendar

  • calendar sharing – limited sharing compared with Exchange but can schedule appointments with others in the organization

  • gmail for web interface

Cost: $50 per year per user for the premium service. Can also be a free service. Initial setup cost seems relatively low.

Hosted Mail and Web Server: Traditional system used in small business

  • low cost

  • combines web hosting with mail service

  • Outlook can be used as can any other mail client. No sharing or collaboration.

  • outside the office

  • horde for web interface

  • horde for web interface

Cost: Annual rate from $240 to $2000 depending on number of users and features

Hosted Exchange: Microsoft Exchange Server "in the cloud".

  • all the benefits of exchange but "in the cloud". Comcast service uses SharePoint for most of the data sharing and requires a separate log. Users must log in frequently. Password is not saved.

  • relatively high monthly cost (Comcast service is provided with Business Class Service)

  • Outlook is the primary mail client.

  • outside the office - less management than local server

  • web interface: outlook web -  very good

  • very good remote access for laptop and iphone. No real support for Blackberry but they can get their mail normally.

Cost: Up to $15 per user per month. 2.99 per user with Comcast business.


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